Tuesday Trippin’ September 27

A lot happened this week. My leg is healing well and only occasionally reminding me that I parted company with my bike while riding. I got in some decent rides and the injury was not my limiting factor for any of them, in fact I find myself going further than I expect. I start off thinking it will be a short ride because I don’t feel that good, and before I know it I’m wondering why I didn’t turn around sooner. I tend not to take breaks when I ride without Russ. That will change, not just because Russ will be with me, but also because we will need to check and maintain camera equipment often.

I ordered the helmet I’ve been considering for a while. I’m pretty happy and going to discuss that in a separate post, just so it’s easy to search. While writing something different this week, I wasn’t able to find out if I had talked about it before. I’ve been having technical difficulties with the page. It seems like I was previously able to search on text, but for now, I’ll make doubly certain it’s searchable.

I did some research on the new Hero Black 10.  I’m so glad this camera will be available for the project. I’ll take it as a sign that things are happening in the best way possible. A lot of the reviews seemed a little underwhelmed and looked at them from the perspective of “most users”. I can’t really speak for most users, but for myself, the new differences should matter to me quite a lot. I had hoped this model would allow access for auxiliary power with the battery door closed. It won’t. Hopefully it’s the same size door and I won’t have to wait for after market sources to make a door that allows this and fits the new model. The reason they don’t do that is that more people are interested in the waterproof quality than are interested in access to that port while in use. I do plan to ride in wet conditions if I can and still take good video, but getting the whole ride is the primary goal, and an auxiliary battery will make more sense than carrying enough batteries to change every hour, give or take.

I’m looking forward to a beautiful fall and October has come of the best riding of the year.

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