Tuesday Trippin’ September 20-27

The cold moved in to Dr visit territory for both of us. The riding has been light, but not non-existent. The antibiotics are doing their work. I can’t tell that the steroids are, but there was that time in my childhood when I told my mother that the medicine she gave me wasn’t helping. She told me that I didn’t know how I’d feel without it. It was one of those formative comments and I think a little harder when I’m feeling like anything, medication, effort or even my own existence didn’t matter. I suspect I’d have been down for the count without the meds.

It was a good week to film some video. With our gimbal mounted set up for the intro video we never ride at full speed while filming, so light rides fit our health status as well as the desire to get more video. The new video will be built on a new audio, and I need my voice back to do that.

I am seriously frustrated with how long it is taking for me to get back to 100%. I’ve ridden for the last 3 days, but not full rides. Today after my ride, I still had plenty of energy, so I should be able to push harder tomorrow. I’ve been chiding myself for not moving into the guest room when Russ started with the constant Kleenex and the heavy coughing. We have one again now. I should remember that and use it if necessary, but as I rode by the construction signs noting sewer work this week I thought about how often the area floods and questioned the intelligence of riding in as much drenching rain as I did just days before Russ, then I got sick. It occurred to me that maybe not all of the water dripping from my nose while I was breathing deep was rainwater. I might have been spraying myself with something growing in dirt that never dried out since the last flood and it just took a little longer to explode in my sinuses. I’ll probably avoid riding in that much rain in that location in the future. I mean, pets and wild animals poop on all trails, but sewer lines that occasionally overflow and cause health warnings in an area that stays damp through most normal seasons is an added risk, no matter how much I feel like riding right through it.

Moving Forward

The new GoPros are out, so I’ll be digesting what that will means to the project. Initially it looks like pretty good news, but I haven’t read in depth technical info yet. I’ve been reviewing all of my equipment choices. I have been pretty sure about which recumbents are the best for the project, but haven’t been completely decided about anything except using GoPros, and even that could change if it turned out that there was a better choice (which I don’t expect).

Things are looking up, and next week we should be more likely to see you on the trail than we were last week! Have a glorious day!

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