Tuesday Trippin’ May 30

Russ went to a college graduation in Colorado for Mother’s Day. I’m mentioning it now because it happened since our last update also because it kept on giving, that part to follow. At the same time I went to visit my for her day. She’s in a nursing home in south Alabama in rehab because of a fall resulting in a fractured hip.

We planned to “hit the ground running” when we got back so we could get this long postponed yard sale finally behind us. It was the “Please don’t let us have to postpone the date yet AGAIN” date. But, we don’t have the ability to display our mass quantities of treasure in bad weather, so, alas, when Saturday afternoon of the sale weekend moved up above 60% chance of rain, we did indeed cancel.

The irony? The weather would have been manageable, but Russ got Covid AGAIN! His realizing he needed to test and the positive test result came just after we would have dragged everything out to the yard. So, we are actually truly thankful for the cancellation, and equally frustrated that it was needed.

Russ felt pretty bad about getting on multiple airplanes and ending up with Covid, but in truth, a nursing home in south Alabama is also a pretty good place to contract a highly communicable disease. We’re evenly matched for risky exposure levels I think.. I never tested positive, but I felt pretty icky for a bit just before he did. We’ll never know, but it’s possible my test was a false negative or that I ended up being some kind of carrier and he actually got it from me. The whole point being that there is no point in anyone feeling bad about having to isolate, cancel and avoid every one and everything AGAIN.

Russ moved into a room upstairs and onto an air mattress, one that sprung a leak and completely emptied in his sleep on his last night of isolation. I isolated from the rest of the family too because Russ and I had such close contact before his positive. We shared some meals outside together watching Ted Lasso or Endeavor. That was actually pretty pleasant, except for some wind that made the trees sway big time, and some rain that made us run to bring the tablet inside.

If we had to have yet another few things to cope with, It turned out as well as it could have. And now we are ready, truly ready, to have that sale this weekend.

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