Tuesday Trippin’ May 28 (sort of)

Say what you like about Facebook, but if it weren’t for the Memories section, there’s a whole lot of stuff that I’d forget. Like for instance, 8 years ago we were supposed to close on the house we currently live in on the Friday before Memorial Day (which was May 26 in 2014) and the seller didn’t move out. It was pretty memorable, but exactly when it happened slipped my mind.

We went to the appointment for the walk through and the movers that the agent hired (because the seller hadn’t done anything) drove up just before us. We planned to work hard for the whole three day weekend to start making the house livable and loosing that time really hurt. We needed to be able to move in before school started in early August and we had a lot of work ahead. We did close after the seller moved out and Russ ripped the carpet out immediately. You can recycle that BTW, even if it’s in terrible condition. Ripping the carpet out told us how really bad the pet damage was. The seller’s perfumes were gone and large quantities of pet store products were not taking care of the issues. We did the only other thing you can. We Zinssered the whole house. I tell you, that’s some nasty stuff to work with. Nasty! After that there was still so much more to do. Life didn’t slow down for us to finish. hope some day we get caught up, but that day hasn’t come yet.

The odd part? This week has been White Rabbit deja vous. My son was supposed to close on his new house the Friday before this past Memorial day…

While he was away for his closing, I saw this FB memory and realized our late closings happened on the same day. Having a similar situation, even having it at the same time, I was really feeling the pain on his behalf. His story isn’t the same or as bad as ours, and it’s not mine to tell, but all those feelings flooding in from our situation, whether I remembered our same day closings or not, have me wondering if there’s something in the Georgia water.

Vent alert- I don’t get it. If you sell your house, it’s not yours any more. You take the money and go. You move out by the terms of the contract leaving it in the condition agreed upon. Right? You start packing soon enough to be ready on moving day and moving day is before the agreed upon transfer. No really, that the way it’s supposed to work. I mean, inconsiderate people leave them dirty way too often. That’s always been a problem, but not moving out on time? And you know, if they didn’t pack…or…then… they certainly never got around to… I hope it’s a rare coincidence with lottery like odds, I certainly hope it’s not a new trend in home sales.

Professional movers are expensive. I get it. But, If you’re not going to use one, there is significant planning and prep to be done first. And speaking of packing BEFORE you bring the U-Haul home. I’ve helped enough people move, that now I ask before committing. Did you pack it up (well with plenty of padding so things don’t break) and stack boxes around the house already? Great! that’s a job for renting a U-Haul. If you didn’t pack it all up yet, you need to order the Pods container, fill it a bit at the time and move another day. You have to decide which one you will do before moving day, well before.

And the Video Project

This week there was project training too. I joined some cycling groups and crowdsourced solutions to my weight loss woes. I got some good feed back, I’m optimistic, I’ve started the plan, and I’ll say more on that next time. See you on the trail.

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