Tuesday Trippin’ May 24

Rain, kindergarten graduation, some other big milestones and preparing for three of the eight people in the house to move into a fixer have all been taking a lot of time lately. Riding was a challenge last week and may be next week as well. I’m thankful that my commitment to the project has made me work as hard at getting the rides in as I have. I fully recognize that having that commitment to my own health is valid and good, but I still have trouble taking the time just for myself alone. Having a commitment to something bigger than myself is what motivates me to work hard. I hope that the video will help other people in some meaningful way.

I’m still paying more attention to intensity intervals than I have in some time and I’m working on a post about that and glucose sensitivity and how those things appear to be effecting me.

I found a book on bicycle training in a thrift shop and considered it, but it was geared toward racing and required significant recording of details like heart rate. I decided not to buy it. I’m not racing and not really into detailed record keeping, particularly of my vital signs, not unless I need to in order to overcome an illness. I am aware in general that my resting heart rate is within parameters for my age and that it is moving closer to where it was when I was 20 years younger and, well, we won’r say how much lighter. :).

I’m open to professional guidance. I do take instruction, but I haven’t budgeted for it (and the budget is big enough already). For now I’m sticking to internet research on what occurs to me to look up. That may sound a little bit lackadaisical, but I’m not in competition, I’m just building enough endurance to be able to work up to project level output if I’m lucky enough to get this project funded. I also expect that if enough people find the project worthy of support, there will be people responding to my posts with ideas on things I should check out.

On thinking about training guidance as I wrote for this week, it also occurred to me to seek out some Facebook groups. I’m sure I’ll find some helpful new perspectives and advice there.

Until next time, have a glorious day and we’ll see you on the trail.

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