Tuesday Trippin June 6

The Sale

We had the sale, and it was a trip. I had been working on it with a migraine for 3 days running and Russ was working through a lot too. He is currently employed again, though at a lower level pay rate without any PTO. He worked shortened days during his Covid. He didn’t do that lightly. He did it because he was outdoors or in his truck and masked, and because someone at the company was having a family emergency. We are truly grateful for the employment, for the opportunity to help at a time of particular need, and to be of service. We also know that we have to keep seeking the better opportunity that will help us recover from the stretch of losses and the unemployment so that we can get back to, and pass, the position we were and meet family needs that weren’t being met at the old, higher pay rate.

While we were emotionally truly ready for the sale, just like I said in my last post, organizationally, we were far from ready. So many planned things didn’t get done and he shear number of things we had to offer was overwhelming. I really think it was too much for shoppers to take in, especially with the cluttered way it was stacked rather than displayed. I invited my son over to take anything he wanted after it was all over and he just took a couple of things. I almost pointed out a few things I was sure he’d have taken if he had noticed them, but I didn’t want to be pushy, especially since he was probably looking at it all and planning to never have so much stuff in his own house, even for a side hustle.

How’d we do?

It was ok. We brought in a significant amount of revenue and let some bulky things go in the process. There was a drum set I bought so I could turn the snare into an awesome tall floor lamp for my drummer nephew and his wife, but they sold their house. By the time they bought another home I didn’t think they were in that decor phase anymore. Exchanging that for $25 and getting the space back was an easy “yes”.

We made the money on sheer volume and a couple of big ticket items. It mostly went at prices that someone selling online or in a booth could still make a good profit, and some things escaped at prices I wouldn’t likely have agreed to if I’d been the one in the driveway when it went.

It was mostly the 25 cent crowd and dealers that showed up, along with some neighbors. A couple of things that neither of us sold were gone. These things were small enough to pocket, and while we left it all in the drive over night between sale days, I don’t think that’s when they were taken. My neighbors are good people and not into vintage for the most part. Plus, anyone in the drive overnight would have shown up on camera. I thought ahead that a cat might wander through and re-arranged a few things that could fall over and break 10 other things. At the time I wasn’t thinking “bear” but there was one rummaging trash cans a few doors down a few days later. I’m really glad it didn’t wander through all my breakables.

We decided there was too much left not to have a second sale and we’re going to step up the efforts to list more things on Marketplace, Etsy, Craigslist and explore ways to list them on this site.

Russ started a list of things we “learned” from this sale. It started with things that were already known, just not accomplished. Guys, you have no idea how calmly I responded. There was no violence, not even a raised voice. I promise.

The Riding

Russ was isolating with Covid. I stayed home and away from family anyway. Our bedroom wasn’t comfortable for computer work, so I wasn’t very productive. I had just started making the room where Russ isolated into a work space, so the exercise bike with the computer desk attached was up there with him. I was still testing negative after a few days of cabin fever, so I started to ride in more remote places at less busy times. I stayed more than 6 feet from people. It was likely over-killl, but I don’t want to make anyone sick. Just before I stopped riding and started prepping for the sale, I was riding everyday. I was limiting calories too, trying to loose the “Russ is unemployed” weight gain. Right now I’m pretty run down, achy, stiff, tired, prone to migraines and some other issues that are possibly caused by (and causing) stress.

Building back up through the beginning of the pandemic was grueling, but we wouldn’t have wanted to be doing anything else. Getting fitness back feels good, even when it feels bad. This is different. For the first time I wondered if I needed to downsize my mileage goal for the project. I’d go get a physical if I had healthcare coverage, but if it’s stress, I’m already trying to manage that as best I can, and if it’s not, I don’t need the stress of knowing I have an actual real problem that might be fixed if I lived in a different country or made more selfish choices at any number of junctions along my way. Hopefully this is just a reflection of how much we’re juggling and it will ease with time.

Until next time, have a glorious day, and we’ll see you on the trail.

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