Tuesday Trippin’ June 15

Last week I was pretty stiff and tired. This week I’ve gone full circle. I felt pretty good for rides on Friday and Monday, but on Tuesday the effects of poor sleep and a lot of bending from the yard sale, gardening, other work around the house and who knows what else had me back in misery and wondering if I’m sleeping badly because I have a back ache, or having a back ache because I’m sleeping badly. Certainly, the bending, and the absence of access to the strength training equipment are also at play. I’m “Driving with the seat heater on in the summer” years old. I bought the car that had the deal. I never would have paid for the seat warmer if it had been extra, but that handy heating pad on my lumbar is going to be so hard to give up next time I buy a car. I hope I don’t have to.

Friday’s ride was nice, in part because we watched the Friday night crowd at the Union Hill Skate park. We rest or snack there before turning around when we ride the Roswell/Alpharetta Greenway.

Tuesday’s ride was nice because there were baby ducks in the temporary pond at the center of the parking lot when I started and lightening bugs when I came back.

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