Training Tuesday September 22-29

Goal    90 miles,

Actual Total 29 miles

1st Ride 17 miles

2nd Ride 12 miles

Total Ride 29 miles

This has been the worst week since we started driving out west to ride. We had lower miles weeks at the beginning, but it felt really good to be out there riding and we were building, so we felt a little euphoria and no heartburn.

This low miles week did not feel good. We knew we’d have bad weeks and setbacks. We allowed for them. But, “some unbelievably bad allergic reaction to a bite of some kind with a little discomfort over the greater than 0 odds that the bite could have given me a rare bizarre disease that’s creeping into Georgia” wasn’t on the list of the kinds of things I thought of when thinking about possible unexpected setbacks. It somehow feels irrationally more behind. Like we still have to allow for all of the things we actively considered while considering the unexpected. And who knows, maybe we do.

I did go to the Dr. I probably stopped taking antihistamines too soon. It was hard to tell. I felt better in the mornings and over estimated how well I’d feel later in the day. Both rides were late in the training week.

I’ll choose my goal for next week when I figure out how well I’m doing. Over doing it this week could cost me later. I’ll probably ride as hard as it feels like I should this week and call that my goal, then decide whether the next week should be 90 or 99 miles.

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