What to Leave In, What to Take Out

This project is for collecting a lot of video and uploading some of it to Youtube for other people to enjoy. It’s not a video processing project. That doesn’t mean we might not take something out of a video we choose to upload, but there’s no ignoring makes things the best we can from the start with the belief it will all be taken care of in post.

Here’s a list of how we plan to handle what to leave in and what to take out. This is, of course, for things we notice. There is going to be so much video. We won’t be able to look at it all, and we may not notice everything that gets captured off in the distance (or close by) while we are riding.

Of the things I’ve listed under “Take Out” the only one I’ve personally seen in over 20 years of riding out there, is the accident. I have seen a rider taken away in an ambulance from an accident that involved no foul play. And, I’ve also seen a rider that probably shouldn’t have gotten back on his bike.

I edit everything constantly. It’s one reason I take so long to write anything. This is likely to be edited often for a while, but any edits after video starts will have a date and probably a reason as well..

What we will leave in

Creepy crawlies, including snakes

Hazards along the trail

The sewerage treatment plant, trash mountain, roads and construction

People who appear to be homeless

What We’ll Take Out

Serious illegal or criminal activities that get caught on video


Accidents that result in significant injury

Any intensely personal moments we notice that a person wouldn’t want to share with the world (like if we ever notice someone doing more than kissing and taking selfies up on that giant boulder where couples climb to kiss and take selfies.)

Any intentionally sensational or attention seeking behaviors (we could decide to put that elsewhere, but the videos have a different purpose)

Intentionally offensive acts

Maybe, Maybe Not

If we have to walk up Trash Mountain (steep hill beside the landfill) we may remove it because it’s not very interesting and messes up the mental pace for someone using the video for a work out.

Politically motivated signs or activities (Because people will be using this for escape, not getting triggered).

I haven’t decided what to do about intersections. They are important to observe properly in real life. I leave the proper stop in, but they may could represent a mental slow down at an inconvenient time for a home work out. They will be at roughly the same position in every video, only shifting due to variations in riding speed. It wouldn’t be that difficult to delete them and a little bit of video leading up to them, but that would have a skip in it. I could put it up for a user vote, or do some of each. I’ll probably leave it in.