Greetings Earthling!

Another year comes to a close in these United States, and if you’re like me, it’s been a real hum dinger. Now, as many move to the annual year end discussion/conflict on holiday greetings, I’m hoping we can come together. But, if you’re subscribing to the Mike Huckabee theory, perhaps you’re feeling a bit persecuted by the non-Christian minority. Personally I don’t get it and I remain deeply committed to a more inclusive understanding of the egalitarian freedoms our forefathers and my ancestors fought to establish.

Looking forward, here’s my prayerful wish or wishful prayer for my fellow countrymen and fellow earthlings. May you and all your people thrive, live long and prosper, have a beautiful, joyous, lives full of family, friends, acceptance, peace, forgiveness, purpose, enlightenment, service, gratitude, wonder, health, wealth, wisdom and all those things that make a life well lived.

And if we should meet, whatever your background may be, if you want to offer me greetings, prayers, goodwill or kindness in any form, I hope that I have the attention and intention in that moment to accept it graciously and return something equally meaningful to you.